3D-Printer Research Institute

3DRI : Mission and business

Mission statement

We will create, develop and spread new business and service brought by the technology innovation of 3D printer, serving as a bridge between the market and technology. This will contribute to development and activation of manufacturing industry, service industry, as well as education and art field.  

Contents of Business

New business development related to 3D printer field, formulation of business strategy and technology development strategy, research and analysis, intermediation of alliance, consulting for technology adoption etc.


Ability to collect and to analyze most-advanced technology information, worlds’ latest information and marketing information in various fields. Also ability to foresee based on the information We can provide advices from specialized technology knowledge base brought by alliance with MICROJET 3D printer technology laboratory. Also, high-level consulting from specialists in new business development and marketing as well as professionals with Ph.D. of 3D printer technology.


Held in January, 2015
EuroMold2014 report seminar
- The future of 3D printing seen through EuroMold 2014 -
* Fully booked.

3D-Printer Research Institute