Marketing and product development

Current situation

Articles and services brought by 3D printers are small in production quantity, therefore, with that very reason they are targeted mainly a niche market. Marketing in the niche market is different from the one targeting mass-market. There are methods effective for the niche market, such as strategies utilizing internet, however, most of the companies have less experience and limited know-hows regarding the marketing.


Marketing methods targeting to mass-market that enterprises have been good at is no longer effective. Or experience is not enough in strategies trying to catch a market with mass customization manufacturing starting from niche market. Related fields to 3D printers are wide in area but small in market size, so detailed marketing in every market is required. On the other hand, there are fewer specialists with skills and know-hows adaptable to various fields.

Strength of 3DRI

From the knowledge base that MICROJET Corp. as a leading company in 3D printing in Japan, has accumulated in the past 20 years, we can promote the proposals utilizing marketing methods in niche market and marketing activities used in various media. Projects with specialists from each field can be quickly organized.