New business development support

Current situation

In Japan, 3D printer has been a popular topic in starting from media since later half of 2012. However, R&D of 3D printing technology has already been started in Japan since 1980s. It’s been called “rapid prototyping” mainly in industrial field since 1990s for the purpose of producing prototypes. Since then, with its technical progress, it’s been developed as ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING up to the level to fabricate finished products. On the other hand, for consumers, beginning with RepRap project started in England in 2004, many products with low price by FDM-method have been released and got widespread after 2010 in which the basic patent was expired. With development of scanners and computers, precision of shaped articles, improvement of quality and diversification of materials have enabled to apply the 3D technology to various fields. Based on such situation, various businesses have been brought by utilizing 3D printers. Current 3D printer technology has still been in the middle of developing and as the performances improve and the prices go down, new businesses are being created.


In order to develop new businesses, it is required to accurately understand latest technology information, and to see through the value that the technology creates and consider the best target users and purposes in the process of establishing new business. However, no matter how much fragmentary information is gained from websites and seminars, it is not helpful to see into the point. Technical issues such as adopting appropriate 3D printers and developing new materials for the new business are raised along with simply narrowing down the target users and markets. These are the challenges to tackle with.

Strength of 3DRI

The driving force to create businesses is collection effort of worlds’ information, understanding of deep technology and networks with material manufacturers. Also, the most important thing in launching a new business is the start-up speed. Only venture companies can be adaptable, make quick decisions and take agile actions.