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Marketing reports

There are many forming methods for 3D printers, and the methods are applied in wide range of markets and purposes. Since 3DRI widely understands and has connection to 3D Printer manufacturers as well as actual users of those products in wide variety of markets, we can conduct appropriate marketing researches by purposes. Also, we actually visit 3D printing trade shows world wide, and quickly cover and report the fresh information from professionals’ point of view at seminars and reports.

Technical reports

As for technical reports, since we have tied up with MICROJET, cutting-edge company in inkjet research field, we can conduct technology-oriented research. Not only researching current situation, but we can foresee possible changes in the future and supply effective information when companies prepare for plans of business strategy, product strategy and development strategy. We also have many specialists with Ph.D., and they conduct researches from more advanced point of view.

Latest report

3D printing revolution latest report from USA

3D printing revolution latest report from USA

Author actually visited and interviewed 3D printer related companies in the U.S. This is exactly the report with latest information sorted out.

Introduces various businesses with America’s 3D printers!
“3D printer” brings revolution to Japanese manufacturing!?
What can be done with “3D printer”!?

Format and pages: A4 size, 181 pages
Price: 12,000 JPY (tax not included)
(The report is written in Japanese)