Technology and development strategy

Current situation

On developing new technology or products with it, the mistake Japanese manufacturers have made so far, is to pay too much time and expense for development by paying too much attention to pursuing quality and functions. Then they missed the right timing to release, and only to found no assumed users or even if there’re some, the products are not accepted by them.


This is due to the fact that market definition is not enough, and communication with market, as well as narrowing down functions and clarifying value proposition definition from customer point of view, were insufficient. In developing 3D printers and its materials, the information regarding target users is imperative. However, since it is the new area for most of manufacturers, they are unable to assume users and how to use them.

Strength of 3DRI

3DRI collects users’ real opinions and requests through many seminars and lectures as well as accumulates information of markets and users from researches by visiting fields and sites. With the information, we can correctly determine and propose what’s the truly attractive value, what’s the elemental technology and how much is the technical level of challenge for realization. Finally, it is possible to develop more sufficient and more attractive products, and as a result it can contribute to reduce the development period and cost.